Basement Entrance Ideas

Each room in the home deserves an elaborate entrance, including the basement. Whether yours is separate or inside the house and in the backyard, some great ideas have been rounded up for beautifying your entrance to the basement, and you can easily implement this ideas most especially during a basement remodel project.

Trap Doors

This idea is superb! If you have a separate entry into your basement, frame it using old barn doors. They will make the entry way a focal point while ensuring that people do not take a fall down the stairs; Just close the door when you’re not in need of the space.

Book Junkie

If you have a wide staircase leading to the basement, construct bookshelves to line the entrance. It is a great way to increase storage and books or objects that fill the shelves act as a striking art to people walking downstairs.

Large Glass

A nice way to frame an entrance to the basement while letting in a little extra light is to use the glass in every way you can, ranging from the door to the handrails and even the decking.

Beautiful Brick

If you have the ability to expose a brick wall alongside a stairway, do it! The resultant effect is a surprisingly modern classic entry into the basement, which also has some depth and texture. You can even decorate your underground space to match the structure.

Elaborate Stonework

The larger the entrance, the better, especially if there is an outer space to draw attention to the basement entrance. This option works especially well for split level households with higher basements.

Winding Staircase

Although these grand but classic staircases are often used more for corridors and hallways, they also work very well in the basements. It’s lovely to know that guests will weave their way into the underground space. They take less space than normal stairs too.

Old and New

This is an impressive example of how materials (such as wood) can be combined with traditional ones (metal) to create a remarkable and unforgettable staircase. Contrasting colors draw the eye and white adds a touch of brightness to help brighten darker basement entries.

Lit Up

Because basements are often darker than the rest of the rooms in the house, it is important to add some light to them. It’s a nice idea to frame the entrance to a basement with pot lights or LED lights.

Catch All

Get your basement entrance to double its duty as a mudroom that is full of objects like backpacks, boots, and even jackets. The shelves will be at the perfect height so that toddlers can reach what they need easily.

Wooden Board

Do you want to create an entryway that is a little more rustic than modern? This is the perfect choice. The wooden wall at the bottom of the entry forces people to head downstairs to check it out. You must have seen barnwood slabs line a wall? It is always very unique!

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Basement Ceiling Ideas

Converting your basement into a finished space is a very good idea – so to say. But how do you start? Here are 5 creative ideas for basement ceiling to help you plan your new space. And all are affordable and easy to do yourself!

Whether you decide to turn this extra living space into a theatre, a home office, games room or personal sanctuary, make it a reflection of your style and taste.

Suspend Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are one of the most popular ceiling for a basement remodel. It consists of a simple grid and tiles or light panels. A suspended ceiling covers exposed beams, pipes and electrical wiring, while allowing easy access for maintenance.

Suspended ceilings now provide a sophisticated look in 3D profiles in black and white. The clean and bright white tiles works well in rooms and attractive games rooms, as white panels offer greater light reflection.

Wooden Roofs

Go from boring to fabulous with wooden ceilings for the home office. Create an elegant atmosphere with the dark, luxurious look of walnut in planks. If you prefer a more relaxed work space, classic planks combine well with a rustic theme. Country Classic is available in white, but can be painted or stained to match any decor.

Metal or Black Ceiling Tiles

One of the trending remodeling ideas is to convert the basement space into a home theater or media room. You can recreate the look of an old movie palace with the help of a tin roof. Choose a copper or brass finish or paint tiles with a flat dark color that does not reflect light.

For a contemporary and unique look, consider fine fissured black ceiling panels, which look elegant and absorb up to 60 percent of the sounds that strike its surface – perfect for screenings later in the evening with family and friends.

Unique Ceiling Looks

Who cannot use extra living space? Adding a family room or man cave in the basement creates another get away space for family members to relax in.

For a unique space that reflects your personality, consider painting the ceiling tiles in your favorite shade. You can opt to “Zen out” under the ceiling panels in elegant black boxes. Or create a theme that is beachy with weathered ceiling boards.

Country Ceiling Looks

Even as your guest room is in the basement, you can always make visitors feel at home with a bright space that looks attractive and comfortable. Beveled ceiling panels provide a white vintage comfortable look to basement guest room.

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How to Use a Pressure Washer to Wash a Car

A pressure washer is a power washing cleaning tool to take care of a wide range of outdoor areas, surfaces and objects. With the power of splashing away hard dirt with much more efficiency and less laboriously than a garden hose, they easily take care of your garden, driveway, and most things kept there, including your car! No need to worry about using pressure washer to take the strain out of your car, provided you take a little sensible step to take care of your vehicle and use the right equipment for the job. This guide will mean your vehicle is left gleaming and rid of excess dirt, helping to preserve a showroom shine for years to come.

Choosing the right tools

A pressure washer on its own will provide a powerful stream of water to help loosen and blast away dirt, but for a professional clean, it’s necessary to combine this with the right tools to optimize this power for every area of your vehicle. Additionally, you would rarely wash your car the traditional way with water alone, same way you can use car shampoo with a sponge, choosing a pressure washer that can dispense a mild detergent for a car that looks and smells clean is important.

Pressure Washing the Wheels

Hub caps and alloy wheels collect a lot of sand and dust directly from the road surface and can often appear discolored, even after a short drive. In combination with the oily waste collected on travel in the city, and the puddles splashing, this dirt and debris can be very stubborn and difficult to remove manually, but blowing away easily by your pressure washer with these tips :

  1. Start, similarly to bodywork, by using the main nozzle of the pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from the immediate wheel.
  2. Also use the washing nozzles on your wheels too, as the oil stains usually found on alloy wheels and hubcaps need the effect of breaking of this to be successfully removed.
  3. Use the rotary brush to shake the stubborn dirt and discoloring stains from inside the nooks and crannies of your alloys or hubcaps.
  4. Again, to finish the job flush the wheel to remove excess detergent and the loosened residue.
  5. Avoid targeting the pressure washer at your car’s wheels, which could cause damage to the tread or wall.
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What is Vinyl Extrusion?

Vinyl extrusion is a manufacturing process that uses heat and pressure to push polyvinyl chloride through a die to form a linear product. Vinyl extrusion process is widely used in the manufacture of replacing windows, doors, moldings, closing thresholds, posts and columns for the construction industry. It is also used in the manufacture of many consumer products such as seafood, orthopedic equipment and appliances. It is also the basis of industry PVC pipes used for plumbing. The extrusion process allows the vinyl manufacturer to profitably produce large quantities of the product.

replacing windows

The compound of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a dry mixture with additives to facilitate quality, material flow, durability and stability. The compound that is dry mixture is mixed to ensure consistency throughout the product, and then loaded into a hopper for introduction into the extruder. Vinyl extruder is very similar to the plastic injection molding machine. The major difference between the two machines occurs when die sets begin.

Once the material has been mixed and loaded into the hopper, gravity pulls the PVC blend into the extruder barrel, where the horizontal augers move the material forward in the barrel. Some extrusion machines are equipped with 2 screws to ensure a uniform material overall flow to the die set. These screws and barrels liners are made of steel that are resistant to wear such as A-11PM and A-11LV PM. The pressure exerted on the material increases as it moves forward. When the pressure increases, the PVC melts. In some operations, additional heating devices can be used to help steady flow of material.

After the PVC compound has been melted, it is then pushed by the screws through a die or series of dies or molds. These molds or dies have the profile machining product therein. The tools can be designed and engineered to provide material flow even through them and eliminate stagnant flow regions. A symmetrical design should be used to avoid deformation of the product during cooling.

The molds are generally resistant to corrosion, this is because PVC materials can be very corrosive. The molds and dies must be high-strength steel to withstand the pressure exerted on them. Good wear resistance, high cleaning and polishing is also necessary to ensure the smooth flow of material through the dies. ESR 420, the MS 420 and 440C are commonly used as materials for dies.

Once the PVC material has been pushed through the entire chain, it passes through a series of water-filled calibration tables, where the product cools and stabilizes. Then the product can be cut into predetermined lengths or undergo secondary processes such as drilling or texturing.

Applications for vinyl extrusion continue to grow. Tool designers and CNC machinists continue to provide innovative technologies to produce profiles of more complex die forms, allowing new products to be developed.

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Meeting with a Home Remodeler 

In case you wish to sell your home sometime soon, then you should try remodeling it first in order to increase its value. This is one of the many benefits that home remodeling can offer. On the other hand, this only applies if you are able to find a home remodeler that you can depend on. To do that, consider: What are your objectives for your home remodel? Is it true that you will rebuild one room or change the whole house? You don’t need to make super detailed plans for your completed redesign, however, it will be useful to your temporary worker on the off chance that you can portray which ranges you will remodel and the progressions that you might want to make.

Things to Consider When Meeting with a Home Remodeler

It is likewise shrewd to have material options at the top of the priority list as a major aspect of your renovating arrangement. While this is something that you can counsel with your temporary worker about, in the event that you have acertain deck and building materials that you might want to be fused into your home, this can majorly affect the cost and timing of your venture.

Any individual who has ever been included in a building venture realizes that it is ludicrous to anticipate that each progression will take after an exact calendar, however, it is advantageous to decide when you might want significant parts of your business to be finished. On the off chance that you want your visitor lavatory to be done quickly, this is something you ought to tell your temporary worker amid your home remodeling interview. Keep in mind to be sensible and adaptable with regards to planning desires. In case you are reasonable, a dependable home remodeler would also be courteous towards you and an agreement can be reached.

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Basement Green Remodeling


These days, not only kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are popular Basement green renovation is gaining in popularity. Expanding vitality effectiveness is presumably the most widely recognized reason mortgage holders are attracted to green redesigning in any case. Truly cellars are normally green since their introduction underneath grade gives protection that whatever is left of your home loathes. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that a green storm cellar can’t build your home’s vitality proficiency and lower utility expenses. Here are some attempted and genuine systems that will decrease vitality utilization once your storm cellar rebuild is finished. Protect plumbing, and migrate it from outside dividers.

Things to Know about Basement Green Remodeling


Doing as such diminishes heat misfortune as water goes from your heated water storage to the fixture, which thus decreases water warming expenses. Introduce low-flush toilets and low-stream fixtures. You can cut water use at these apparatuses by sixty percent or more by introducing vitality productive models. Use reduced bright lights. They utilize seventy-five percent less vitality than glowing globules and keep going ten times as long. Introduce fixed or sealed shut recessed light apparatuses. These installations will wipe out superfluous air spills, consequently expanding general vitality effectiveness.Use sans formaldehyde materials.


Numerous conventional building materials, including medium thickness fiberboard, molecule board, and fiberglass would be able to provide you with protection, contain formaldehyde that can off-gas into your indoor surroundings. Utilize low-VOC paints, glues, and sealants. Numerous customary completing items that are utilized on dividers, flooring, and different applications, discharge unpredictable natural mixes for long stretches in the wake of being connected. Lowor no-VOC items keep these normal indoor air contaminants to a base or dispense with them by and large. Introduce channels on storm cellar water fixtures, or an entire house water filtration framework. Explore neighborhood water quality in the first place, be that as it may, since various channels address distinctive issues.

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