Painting is one of the most economical way to redecorate a room. It is a fast fix for new décor. Nevertheless, sometimes painting results in drips, streaks and unsightly lap marks left by paint rollers. You can avoid these problems by making use of the steps outlined below.

Prep Properly

Before you paint a wall using a paint roller, make sure the room is first prepared. Move and cover furniture and flooring with drop cloths. Apply  blue painter’s or low tack tape to adjacent walls and trims that won’t be painted with the same wall color so as to protect the edges.

Never use masking tape for this because, even though it is much less expensive, it may damage the walls, trim and floors.

Cut in the Edges

Use a paintbrush to cut in the edges and wall corners. Load the brush with paint adequately, but don’t saturate it to the point of where it drips. Paint a section along the edge of the wall one to two feet long. Now, skip ahead the same distance and paint back towards the painted area. Continue like this, always painting from a dry area to a wet area.

When you are cutting in the edges of painted walls, apply paint in a stripe about 3 or 4 inches wide. This area should be wide enough to cover the edges the paint roller won’t reach. This will also keep the roller far enough away from surrounding walls so as to prevent it from scraping and marking them.

Use a Roller for Large Surfaces

After cutting, you can cover the rest of the wall with a paint roller. If you load the roller properly, it will go a long way towards keeping your walls free from streaks, drips and lap marks. Make sure you fill the roller evenly, completely covering the surface. You can use the ridges at the top of the paint pan to remove excess paint so that you can be sure the roller is not dripping when it is raised.

To eliminate lap marks when painting, another thing you should note is that you have to paint in the proper direction. It may seem natural to roll in a straight line up and down, but this can result in a lap-marked wall if you are careless. It is better to paint in a zigzag pattern. Paint as if you are making a capital M on the wall, and then zigzag back over the area until it is filled in.

According to, the two keys to painting rooms free from streaks, drips and paint roller lap marks is to avoid overloading paint brushes and rollers, and to paint in workable sections in a zigzag pattern. The result will be a smooth and professional looking paint job you can be proud of.