Types of Popular Windows

There are many different types of good replacement windows that make the building of your home. Windows allow stream of natural light into your rooms during the day and let air in to keep it cool and dry. Windows also help define the style of your house whether it is a traditional or modern home. You can customize almost every window to suit your taste and changing needs.

Double-Hung Windows

This type of window has two blades that slide vertically up and down in the frame. They can open wide either from up or down, but remain in the frame so they do not protrude outside or inside the house. On a single hung window, only the bottom of the window functions, while the top is stationary.

Casement Windows

These casement windows operate by a turn of a crank in an operating mechanism. They can be hinged on the right or the left to open outward.

Awning Windows

By being hinged at the top, awning windows open to the outside to let in air from the right or left and from down. They can be installed below, above or next to a stationary or operating window.

Picture Window

This variety is a set of large windows that allows the maximum amount of light and exterior views.

Transom Window

A narrow window that can be operating to allow air or inoperative (fixed) and mounted above a door or window to let in more light.

Sliding Windows

Sliding along a track, sliding windows comprise of at least an operating window which slides horizontally on or above the other windows. They are used most often in modern or contemporary houses.

Fixed Windows

These windows do not open, but can be customized in almost every angle and the desired shape. They are often found in modern houses or contemporary houses in conjunction with operating windows.

Bay or Bow Windows

In general, the bay or bow windows provide more interior space, as they project outward from the exterior of the siding of the house. They are often a combination of windows with a fixed window in the middle flanked by windows frame or frames.